dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Skomer Island 2011

After last years vacation we really wanted to visit Skomer again. Photographing puffins = good times. So, keeping an eye on the weatherwatcher on the I-pad, we decided that the 30th of may was gonna be our day! When we arrived at the harbor, we werent the first, but we sure would be getting tickets!

Immediately after landing on the island the sun broke thru the clouds. It was a great day.. Ill let the pics speak for themselves, enjoy;

The puffins arent shy, they come really close. Humans keep the seagulls away, who are trying to steal the puffins sand-eels. On many occasions the 300mm couldnt focus because they were too close.

All photos taken with the Eos7D with F/2.8 300mm.

I can seriously recommend visiting Skomer Island, if you are in the neighborhood. Be there early, to ensure landing tickets.