vrijdag 18 februari 2011


Finally got around to going on a photo-walk today. Took some nice pics of foxes and got powned by a fox too... All in a days photography.

I brought the Eos7D with F/2.8 300mmL IS USM with me, stuck on the Manfrotto Monopod that i described in my previous post. Also brought along the 1.4 mkIII extender and the G12 for up close and personal shots.


Yes, i mentioned getting powned by a fox. Im not proud of it, but man enough to admit it... With a big smile on my face.

When i took this last photo, there was a cute little guy/girl curiously looking at me from close by.

(Taken by SWMBO©)

At the time i was attaching the 1.4 teleconverter to get a little more reach. Here are two comparison shots;



I havent noticed any big distortion in quality, but then again, im not a trained eye..

Last pic. Taken with the G12. Im very pleased with the way that camera handles. Ive got it with me at all times.

Thanks for visiting.

zaterdag 12 februari 2011

Arca-Swiss DIY thingie

Since i got a little fed up with switching plates on my lenses to suit the different systems i decided to get an Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate off Ebay.

I wanted to install it on one of my Manfrotto 679B Mono-pods.

After it got here i came to the conclusion that the size of the screw on the Monopod's 234 tilt-head did NOT compute in a suitable fashion with the release plate.

If i am going to rely on that connection with a €4000,- lens, then it had better be rock solid.

So, cue the A-team tune. Time to DIY. Well... Not really DIY, more like a "Dive into the box with spare screws and stuff and dig up something usefull"...

And this is the result. So far it holds up nicely. Im still nervous though. Trusting a €4000,- lens to a 2ct screw just isnt natural...