zaterdag 12 februari 2011

Arca-Swiss DIY thingie

Since i got a little fed up with switching plates on my lenses to suit the different systems i decided to get an Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate off Ebay.

I wanted to install it on one of my Manfrotto 679B Mono-pods.

After it got here i came to the conclusion that the size of the screw on the Monopod's 234 tilt-head did NOT compute in a suitable fashion with the release plate.

If i am going to rely on that connection with a €4000,- lens, then it had better be rock solid.

So, cue the A-team tune. Time to DIY. Well... Not really DIY, more like a "Dive into the box with spare screws and stuff and dig up something usefull"...

And this is the result. So far it holds up nicely. Im still nervous though. Trusting a €4000,- lens to a 2ct screw just isnt natural...