vrijdag 18 februari 2011


Finally got around to going on a photo-walk today. Took some nice pics of foxes and got powned by a fox too... All in a days photography.

I brought the Eos7D with F/2.8 300mmL IS USM with me, stuck on the Manfrotto Monopod that i described in my previous post. Also brought along the 1.4 mkIII extender and the G12 for up close and personal shots.


Yes, i mentioned getting powned by a fox. Im not proud of it, but man enough to admit it... With a big smile on my face.

When i took this last photo, there was a cute little guy/girl curiously looking at me from close by.

(Taken by SWMBO©)

At the time i was attaching the 1.4 teleconverter to get a little more reach. Here are two comparison shots;



I havent noticed any big distortion in quality, but then again, im not a trained eye..

Last pic. Taken with the G12. Im very pleased with the way that camera handles. Ive got it with me at all times.

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