vrijdag 28 januari 2011


When i first started photography, i kept my stuff in the backpack i carried it around in. But when the collection of gear grew, so did the need for decent storage.

My eye fell on the Pelican brand of cases. Particularly the 1510 model. Enough room for equipment, not too big, and its airline carry-on compatible.

I dont bring the cases with me in the field, thats a little too cumbersome. But storing and transporting your gear in one of these is very recommendable. The handle extends so you can drag it behind you, as a regular trolley.

I now have 3 of these. 2 with the padded dividers, and one with the foam. The dividers work best in my opinion. When you cut the foam, thats it. Not much room for error, and certainly very little room for change.

This is the latest addition. Since im less then impressed with the case that Canon gave with the 300mm F/2.8 IS USM L, i decided to get another 1510... The Canon provided case requires taking the lenshood off every time you store it.

These cases look and feel like you could take a sledgehammer to them, and they wouldnt budge. They dont come cheap, but they are worth every penny.

Im still looking for some cool image that i can sticker or airbrush on them for some personalisation.