dinsdag 31 januari 2012


Since every website/blog/chatterbox allready posted this... I cant fall behind, now can i?

A "in the wild sighting of new goodies!!"

The author was on a safari and spotted a japanese gentleman with these new goodies. Im sure the cameras in those pics arent the new 1Dx, ive had one of those in my hands, and this aint one! (I got invited to a lookie-feelie at Canon's Netherlands HQ some time ago.)

The internet fora are all exploding with wishlists etc... Cant really be bothered with that, im sure when Canon makes a new model, it will be better then the last one. And im still pretty happy with my 7D set-up. But there is always room for inprovement, no?

Our 366 project is coming along nicely! 7D, G12, SX210, Iphone... Taking a pic a day is easy with that many camera's around.

Now only to find a format to show them. Any idea's?? Mail or comment!

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