zondag 3 juni 2012


Since we started the 365 project i really havent had time to do some other posts on gear or whatever. But, as most photographers know... You never stop wanting or buying.

I got a bunch of new stuff over the last couple of months. Most importantly, i got a new flashunit. The Canon Speedlite 580EX II. I allready had its little brother, the 430EX.



Its a big one, compared to the 430EX. It feels rocksolid. According to the brochure its as weather resistant as a 1-series body.

I bought the book by Syl Arena, called Speedliters handbook. I have lots to learn about using multiple flashunits.

Because we were constantly struggling with the backgrounds, i decided to scout around the web for a portable system that would fit our needs. In the end i decided to go with Lastolite. I ordered the 1.8meter x 2.15meter plain collapsible background with black and white train.


It should fit our needs perfectly.

The last item on the new purchase list is a camera sling. I normally dont use them because i like to be able to remove and attach it quickly. So when i came across this, i ordered it. It works like a charm.


The plastic click thingies are the same size as the one for my op-tech wrist strap, so i didnt even have to remove that one.

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