zondag 24 februari 2013

Review Tamrac 5793...

The super Telephoto Lens Pack.
The bag has one main compartment specifically for a large telephoto lens. (in case you were wondering about the name...)

On the sides there are two little pockets that will hold your phone, keys etc.. One of them holds the raincover.

It holds the 300mm F/2.8, ready for action, with ease. (Thats camera attached, lens hood fixed in proper position) IMG_2617

The stitching, zippers and velcro on this bag is what you can expect from Tamrac; High Quality.

The 300 with hood fixed and attached to the 7DIMG_2620

Depending on what lens you have you can adjust the inside of the 5793. There is a sturdy "neck-like" thingie that will hold your combo in place.


One of the reasons i got this bag is that it will hold the 300 with the lens extenders attached.
This is with the 2x MkIII extender attached. A very easy fit.

The bag is outfitted with Tamrac's Modular Accessory System. Since you get very little space in this bag for anything besides your lens i ordered some of the available attachments.
I got the wide angle lens pouch, which i will use to carry the extenders in. Also got the water bottle pouch and a pouch that should hold the 100-400L, in case i want to bring it along.

It comes with a raincover. Havent tried it yet with the Modular Attachments in place. That might be the tricky part. ;)
Overall i can highly recommend this bag. Its very well made, and works as advertised. And with the use of the M.A.S pouches, its very versatile too.

Here it is in action;

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