zondag 19 december 2010

Canon White.

When i got the 100-400 F4.5/5.6 L one of the first things i noticed, besides the awesome build quality, was the ugly black lens hood. I know the colour of that thing doesnt do anything for the quality of your photos, but...

Its ugly, man.

So i started an internet search for a white one. Many shady Hong-Kong based firm passed by on my screens, but no luck..

In the end i decided to get a cheap re-placement lenshood off e-bay, and have a go at it with my modelling supplies. After all, all you need is some fine grit sanding paper, an airbrush, a turntable and the right paint, no?

I started with sanding the hood with a fine grit paper, so the paint would adhere. After that i applied the masking tape.

The re-placement hood didnt have the felt on the inside that the Canon original does, so i wasnt afraid the tape would damage anything.

Then it was time to prep the paint. Canon does sell a touch-up paint for its white lenses, but thats pretty hard to come by over here. So i decided to try and mix it myself. I read somewhere on the web that the modelling paint Tamiya "Deck Tan" XF-55 is a pretty close match for the Canon shade of white. With a little drop of Tamiya XF-2 "flat white" added, i checked it under a daylight lamp. Spot on!

I sprayed the hood in several layers, allowing the paint to dry in between. Since the Tamiya paint is acryllic based, it dries really fast.

When i was satisfied with the paintcover, i let it dry for a couple of hours. Then i sealed the paint with a matte varnish by Vallejo modelling paint.

Im very pleased with the result;

Again, this is done purely for cosmetic reasons. It improved my photography by the factor 0.

But the curious looks i get from other photographers are priceless..