zaterdag 11 december 2010

The illustrious I-pad

Probably the most talked about gadget of the last year, the Apple I-pad. These days there are a whole range of tablets available from many reputable manufacturers. Its use for photography is huge. Many applications (Apps) are available thru the App-store, some free, others for a small fee.

I use mine as an agenda, rolodex, portfolio holder and game console in one. Ive gotten the Apple Camera Connection kit that goes with the I-pad, which was a very good €25,- investment, if you ask me. It comes with an SD card reader and a USB connector.

Even the 25mb big RAW files of the Eos7D are fastly and smoothly loaded. Import them to the device and you can instantly see result! Very handy in the field, when you want to see on a larger screen if you are on a roll.

I now have the App Photogene installed, so i can do some editing in the field.

One of the Apps i use most is I-books. I download a hefty amount of PDF files every week, and reading them on the I-pad works really well. There are loads of books, magazine's available on the internet about pretty much every subject. For some you pay, some you can download for free.

I carry it around in a Neoprene sleeve by CaseLogic®.